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"Orgonina, orgonina
drobný kvitok"
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FS Orgonina - Vranov nad Topľou - SLOVAKIA - English version

Director:   Ing. KÓNYA Imrich
Manager and choreographer:
Ing. ŤASKO Martin
Leader of singers:  Ing. KÓNYA Imrich
Economist:   REPKOVÁ Ľubica

Folklore Ensemble ORGONINA

The folklore ensemble ORGONINA was established in December 2004. It works in town Vranov nad Topľou – situated in eastern part of Slovakia. It is young group, but the group´s members have aofexperiences with different folklore dances, performances and festivals, because all group´s members did work sometimes in different folklore groups in our region. In present time new group´s members are coming from children folklore groups ONDALIK, BUKOVINKA, STRAŽČANIK and BRUSNIK.

In the beginning of group´s establishment the ORGONINA had 30 members, in these days has more than 50 members. The overage of the ORGONINA is 27-28 years. The group consists of three components: dancing, singing and musical. Yearly has group 25 – 30 performances. The ORGONINA participated at different folklore events and festivals in Slovakia and abroad:

  • 2005 – FRANCE, CIOFF Motguyon

  • 2005 - POLAND, Dynow

  • 2006 - ITALY, CIOFF Castrovillari

  • 2006 - HUNGARY, Repashuta

  • 2007 - TURKYE, CIOFF competition festival in Büyükcekmece (1. award for boy- and girl- dancer)

  • 2007 - HUNGARY, Mád

  • 2008 - FRANCE, CIOFF Bray-Dunes

  • 2009 - BULGARIA, CIOFF Burgas

  • 2010 - ITALY, CIOFF Treviso

  • 2011 - GREECE - CID Nikoleika

  • 2012 - FRANCE - Ambert (CIOFF)

  • 2013 - TURKEY - (Yalova - TUFAG)

  • 2014 - SPAIN, Narón and Ribera del Fresno (FESTIFOLK)
  • 2015 ITALY (Sardegna), Elmas (UFI)

  • 2016 - SPAIN – Alcala de la Selva (FESTIFOLK)

  • 2017 - FRANCE - Le Puy en Velay (CIOFF)

  • 2018 - RUSSIA (Dagestan) - Machackhala (CIOFF)

  • 2018 - INDIA Kullu

  • 2019 - SAUDI ARABIA - Ryiadh, Nomad festival
  • 2019 - HUNGARY - Pécs
  • 2019 - GREECE (Crete), Chania
  • 2019 - ROMANIA (Sibiu)
  • 2021 - BULGARIA (Sunny Beach)

In the group´s repertoire are songs and dances usually from regions Zemplín and Šariš:
„krucena“ – lyrical slow couple dance with singing from region Šariš
„karička“ – typical female circle dance from region Zemplín consisting of various songs that accompany dance variations of Zemplín region
„fľaškový“ – bottle dance presented at weddings and other important events. The dance shows the talents of the dancers who have to dance over the bottles and avoid their breaking.
„verbunk“ – typical male dance from region Šariš with the meaning of recruits to army. Dance consists of various steps accompanied with rhythmical beauting of the lengs.
„čardáš“ – typical pair dance rhythm. The most temperament Slovak folklore dance.
„šarišpolka“ – the fastest couple dance from region Šariš

Total time of performance: 80 min.

The boy´s costumes comprises: embroidered shirt, embroidered waistcoat, embroidered trousers, high boots with spurs, long belt, awith feathers
The girl´s costumes comprises: embroidered blouse, embroidered waistcoat, pleated skirt, apron, petticoat, high boots or shoes.

The musical Instruments:1st and 2nd violins, contrabass, cymbal, violine, accordion.

oficiálne logo folklórneho súboru Orgonina

The group´s address:      Folklore ensemble ORGONINA
              Dr. C. Daxnera 87
              093 16 Vranov nad Topľou

Responsible for foreign matters and correspondent contact:
              Ing. ŤASKO Martin
              094 35 ČAKLOV 301

             Mob: +421 918 677 876
              Mob: +421-905 673 049
              E-mail: taskomartin71@gmail.com

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